Sunday Worship Service -July 31, 2022

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Our Session has chosen our local food pantry, Twelve Baskets, to be our summer special mission. Twelve Baskets receives food supplies from several sources. One is the state-wide food distribution center based in Hillside, the Community Food Bank. The other main source is local contributions of food and hygiene supplies given by    generous individuals in our area. A couple of families provide eggs from their backyard chickens. Our Session has decided to gather and contribute this summer one of the more precious commodities not available through the food bank: coffee. The limited supply of coffee that Twelve Baskets gathers is a favorite among the guests and the supply usually runs out before the demand does. So, when you see coffee on sale, (ground, regular coffee - not flavored) please buy a can or two and bring to the church or drop off at First Presbyterian Church, Stirling. Checks to help purchase other needed items are always welcome also! Mark your check “12 Baskets.

Yours in Christ,

Barbara Aspinall



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