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Welcome to Meyersville Presbyterian Church

We are a small church who welcomes and finds a spot for everyone. We are a family-oriented church who ministers to and with people from a variety of backgrounds. We are a church who values our Presbyterian and Reformed traditions, and at the same time, continues to seek new ways, new visions for Christian discipleship.

As well as worship we also run a whole host of activities within the local community. Here, on our website, you will find information about our book club, regular events, our music program and church school. We also produce a monthly newsletter, The Messenger, as a pdf you can read online or download and print.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Sunday Worship Service - June 20, 2021

Here is the link to the Sunday Worship Service - June 13, 2021 - "Easter Fear". 
The forecast looks good for our outdoor service tomorrow and we gather together at Meyersville for the month of June.

2021 06 20 stilling the storm

And for the children: Rev. Aspinall reads the story of "Jesus and the Storm", from the book illustrated by Kees de Kort.


Our June special mission is the Community Food Bank of New Jersey which distributes 43 million pounds of food a year to more than 1,000 non-profit programs, as well as more than 400 programs served by its partner distribution organizations. Through combined efforts, 900,000 hungry people in New Jersey are fed.

The Community Food Bank of New Jersey is the state’s largest anti-hunger and anti-poverty organization and has been in service in our state for 45 years. With branches in Hillside and now in Egg Harbor, the Community Food Bank is a supplier for food programs across the state, supplying local food banks, soup kitchens, shelters and children’s after school programs with nutritious food, hygiene supplies and SNAP pre-screening and application assistance. They also run a food service training academy which teaches food service skills and nutrition so that graduates have marketable skills and knowledge. Through partners, they provide food for children when the school lunch programs are not in session. The Community Food Bank is also involved in food rescue – gleaning from groceries perfectly good food that would otherwise be thrown out.

The Community Food Bank is a large and far-reaching system of programs that is worthy of our support, especially in this time when many have lost their jobs, and shelter programs are overwhelmed by social distancing and hygiene issues. Please see their website for more information and send your financial support to the church from where it will be forwarded to the Food Bank.

Yours in Christ,

Barbara Aspinall