bookMidweek Vespers for June 24th

Dear Folks,

Here is the Midweek Vespers for June 24th. It is all about praying the music!

You may also notice that there are pictures of the blooming gardens at the church. I am thinking that it would be lovely to include in future services, pictures of YOUR gardens. If you would like to participate, please email your photos of your garden, or of especially lovely plants in your yard, to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Let’s see what variety of God’s beautiful creation we can display!

Yours in Christ,
Barbara Aspinall

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bookWorship service June 21st

Dear Folks,

Below is the link to our June 21st worship service. At 10 am we will have our Zoom coffee hour again. I hope you can join us! And Happy Father’s Day to all who have fathers, had fathers or are fathers!


Yours in Christ,
Barbara Aspinall

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bookEastertide worship service

Dear Members and Friends,

Below is the link to this week’s Second Sunday in Eastertide worship service along with the link to our Sunday, 10 am Zoom coffee hour. I hope you will join us for conversation, and of course, you will still have to bring your own coffee!

I want to remind you also that the church’s financial commitments are continuing through this time. Staff are still being paid; our building still needs upkeep and our mission commitments have not gone away. So, though we are not passing the offering plate in person on Sunday mornings, I hope you will continue with your financial support with checks in the mail. Please designate whether your contribution should go to the regular budget or to mission.

The needs of others continue as well. Our special offering for the month of April is One Great Hour of Sharing. This is a venerable world-wide ministry supported by lots of denominations who together, serve others across the globe. This year’s Presbyterian theme is “You shall be called repairers of the breach” which comes from the prophet Isaiah. God calls us to love one another more deeply by sharing what we have. Through this special offering, we become the household of God where those seeking shelter, food and renewed hope are welcome.

An example of how this ministry has “repaired a breach” is the story of a woman right near us in Jersey City whose landlord repeatedly and falsely accused her of being late with her rent or not paying rent at all. Each time, the charges were dismissed in court but the woman was worried that somehow the landlord would manage get her evicted from her affordable apartment. She found a tenants’ rights group that is partially supported by OGHS who helped her to find affordable legal representation. The attorney discovered that the landlord had a history of trying to force people out of apartments and violating numerous housing regulations. The woman now has the knowledge she needs to stay safe in her apartment and not be evicted onto the street. This is just one small example of the kind of breach repairing we help to support with our OGHS offerings.

Worship Service Link


Coffee Hour Link

Meeting ID:
344 664 191


Yours in Christ,
Barbara Aspinall

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